- Nordic platform for site-specific, cross-disciplinary performance and art

Københavns Internationale Teater (KIT) launched Metropolis as a biennale in 2007. After five successful editions with some 75 productions for a public of more than 250,000, we are now programming Metropolis as an annual international season of site-specific work from April to October.

Metropolis is an annual curated platform presenting 5-10 site-specific projects and a programme of residencies, workshops and the Nordic Urban Lab.

Among the artists we have already worked with as part of Metropolis are:

Architects of Air (UK), Back to Back Theatre (AU), Berlin (BE), Blast Theory (UK), Builders Association (US), Bureau Detours (DK), Compagnie 9.81 (FR), Circo de Madrugada (FR/BR), Dries Verhoeven (NL), Enrique Vargas (ES), Ex Nihilo (FR), Fix & Foxy (DK), hello!earth (DK), Icimême (FR), Invisible Playground (DE), Jay Pather (ZA), Karl Van Welden (BE), Karoline H. Larsen (DK), Kitt Johnson (DK), Kumulus (FR), Le G. Bistaki (FR), Lieux Publics (FR), Lotte van den Berg (NL), Mariano Pensotti (AR), Numen/For Use (AT), Plastique Fantastique (DE), Rimini Protokoll (DE), Signa (DK), Station House Opera (UK), Steen & Hejlesen (DK), Willi Dorner (AT), ZimmerFrei (IT).

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Our artistic approach

We are committed to art as an essential part of the notion of a dynamic and democratic public realm, where diversity and constructive dialogue is kept alive. The work we present is contemporary, innovative, performative, often interdisciplinary, sometimes participatory and always connected with the city – as a collection of sites and situations, as existing and possible narratives/issues, as interconnecting communities.

Formats include performance based (theatre, dance, performance, circus, music, sound) sitespecific work, community and process based work, visual and media installations, performative architecture design, audio and staged walks. We operate on large scale with popular events, which capture the city, and also on micro scale with individual walks and one-to-one experiences.

Metropolis explores the city – physically and metaphysically. We mainly use non-cultural spaces, and we try to expand the notion of public in the city by locating projects in unknown, unresolved, unused spaces, and also by challenging the use of public realm in contemporary urban society. We are fascinated by playing with fictive scenarios and real situations. The restaging of the everyday.

Venues include city squares, post-industrial wastelands, unused spaces, rooftops, residential areas and backyards, in between spaces, non-spaces, empty buildings, temporary constructed and mobile spaces, the peripheries of the city’s landscapes and waterscapes.



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- exhibition & performance with 100 portraits of 100 refugees

12-28 April Copenhagen City Hall

Meet 100 former refugees in the exhibition and performance 100% Foreign?. 100 portraits and interviews bring forward the diversity of personalities, stories and opinions hidden behind the term ‘refugee’.

The photos are taken with Tivoli as a colourful and culturally diverse background, far from the social realistic images the media are depicting of refugees. The interviews focus on the people behind the ‘refugee’ category in order to challenge the stereotypes and give place to highly individual and personal stories.

The 100 refugees participating are selected according to statistics in order to each represent 1% of the 161.000 former refugees from 36 countries, who have obtained asylum in Denmark since 1956.

In the weekend of 21-23 April, you can meet the refugees one-on-one when they tell their personal stories to individual members of the audience. The stories will also be available as podcasts in the exhibition and online.


The third publication in the Changing Metropolis series is ready. 53 articles and 300 pages where artists, architects and academics who participated in the festival and laboratory delve into topics and themes from Metropolis 2012-15.

You find articles by architects and city planners working with cultural planning and temporariness; by artists confronting and expanding possibilities and limitations in the city; by academics giving the urban artistic practice a broader societal perspective. You also find more than 100 photos from four years of artistic actions in Copenhagen using domino blocks, plastic bubbles, corn, tape, tiles, string, etc.

Changing Metropolis III is available online here.

If you are interested in the printed version, it is available for DKK 150 (incl. delivery to Denmark) and DKK 200 for delivery to the rest of Europe. Send a mail with your order to